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Campout Report: West Coast Campout

posted Aug 11, 2012, 8:32 PM by Dawn Biocca

On the afternoon of  July 20,2012, the first members of the Northern California  Starcraft Club, Rob T. and Dave and Myra A. arrived in Fort Langley B.C., Canada  in preparation for the start of the West Coast Campout.

Bob and Jill W. set up camp on Saturday and on Sunday the rest of the campers, RaeAnn D. and Gary C. and the Tony & Robin G & family, arrived.

Just a quick word about Deet and Citronella.  They were required for the week as the mosquitoes were super sized in quantity and everywhere. The mysterious abandoned barbeque?,outboard motor??  at the back of the wagonmaster's campsite turned out to be a "mosquito attracting device " designed to attract and trap mosquitoes.  Seriously!

Starcrafters do not let a little adversity get in the way of having a good time though, and we got down to business on Sunday night, with a welcome pasta dinner hosted by the Bob & Jill W.  After coffee and dessert we headed  back to our bunks to get ready for the next day's activities.

 Activities enjoyed during the week included a tour of the local Fort Langley Historic Site (birthplace of British Columbia), 3 local wineries and Vancouver's Granville Island Market.  At various times during the week ,we all crossed the bridge to stroll down the quaint streets of the little Fort Langley town. Tony honed his fire making skills and was joined by other Starcrafters at his fire barrel for most of the nights. Robin G. ( in the name of motherhood) conquered her  fear of heights and rode the Gondola up Grouse Mountain to check out the logger on top of the pole . Hannah, Macey and Tony went on even higher up the mountain! All enjoyed seeing the bear cubs safely in their pen. Rob, the Bob & Jill and Dave & Myra visited the Beluga whales and newly-arrived penguins at  the Vancouver aquarium.

   Gary and RaeAnn took a ferry trip over to Victoria - quite a jaunt  for their last day! An after dinner  pot luck dessert had everyone comparing notes about the week's activities and Friday morning saw the first rigs  heading out.   

by Myra