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May Camping Report

posted Jun 6, 2012, 9:56 PM by Dawn Biocca

Memorial Day Weekend

We camped at Coloma over Memorial Day.  All 14 rigs were in and parked before dark. I think that is a new Starcraft Record.  Everyone enjoyed the hospitality of Hot dogs and Chili.  Thanks to Robin G. for getting that all organized.  It was Robin and Tony’s first campout as Wagonmasters and they did a great job.  We were able to guide them, but Robin really did most of the work. 

Saturday brought cloudy skies, but the rain didn’t start until dinner time. Luckily we did our potluck under the tent so the rain really wasn’t a nuisance.   During the day on Saturday everyone kind of headed in different directions. Some went wine and beer tasting, some went into Placerville, some ( like me) just hung out and did absolutely nothing all weekend!   I must say, our potluck was amazing with some great food.

On Sunday, we had a beautiful day. Everyone just continued their exploration of the area.  Some went  beer and wine tasting based on the reviews from the day before. , some went over to the state park to explore and just walk.  We had an impromptu potluck on Sunday night.  Myra taught a bunch of teenagers how to play 5 Crowns.  I am still not sure they knew exactly what they were doing, but there was a lot of laughing coming from the table.  The firebarrel was lit and everyone gathered. 

Monday morning brought goodbyes and a really good candidate for the Turkey Award.  Tony G. dropped his trailer off the blocks.  Luckily, no serious damage and Bob happened to have a jack in our trailer to  help him out.  It’s ok Tony, nothing to be embarrassed about..ask Dave A. how many times he has won that award. J

It was such a great weekend with wonderful friends and some new faces as well. Our next journey is to Michigan for International Rally.  We hope you all enjoy your summer and we will see you in August at Marble Quarry!